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Welcome to Aran Sweaters Direct.

Our story began over a century ago in the North West coast of Ireland in Galway and Donegal in 1888. Modern fabrics didn’t exist and sustainable local wool was used in all garment manufacturing. Since those days of heavy scratchy wool, materials have come a long way and now we use super soft merinos, cashmere and other fibers which are gorgeously soft against the skin. We source and use only the finest quality materials so you can enjoy a special and cozy sweater, cardigan, throw or home accessory.

Our fabrics are designed to keep you warm in the winter but keep you cool and wick away moisture in the summer. These days we are based in Dublin but travel around the country sourcing only the finest yarns and natural fibers. As a husband and wife team running the business, both of our families have been involved in the Irish tweed, craft and design business for over four generations. We’re proud to evolve and nurture this heritage Irish design collection with sustainability at the core of our business and deliver this classic product to your doorstep worldwide.

Each day, we ship Irish made garments all over the globe so that more people can enjoy the finely crafted woolen designs featuring traditional stitches like herringbone, the basket stitch, honeycomb, worsted, crisscross and many more iconic tweed and Aran knits both traditional and contemporary. We ship all over the world and delight in giving you the best service and products.

The Evolution of Aran Sweaters

The Aran Jumper is synonymous with The Aran Islands, off the west coast of Ireland. It is world renowned for its intricate patterns and craftsmanship. Often known as a Fisherman sweater, they are distinguished by their use of complex textured stitch patterns, several of which are combined in the

creation of a single garment. Aran Sweaters were knitted using unscoured wool that kept its natural oils which made the sweaters water-resistant and meant they remained wearable even in wet weather. The Aran patterns are said to symbolize fishermen’s ropes. The blackberry stitch represents nature. Some call it the trinity stitch and give it religious significance. The Moss stitch, said to symbolize abundance and growth, along with different Irish Clan and family representation. It is the ultimate symbol of Celtic heritage.

In the 1950s The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem, an Irish folk music duo that began recording in New York City adopted the Aran sweaters as their characteristic on-stage apparel, added to the popularity of the classic Sweaters. They performed on The Ed Sullivan Show in the early 1960s, as well as a special televised performance for US President John F. Kennedy. The rise in popularity of The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem, boosted demand for Aran jumpers giving them a broader International audience.

Aran sweaters and other garments can be seen in Vogue magazine, on the New York Times, on celebrities and influencers as well as high street and mall shops, showing the timelessness of this great design staple. Over the years Elvis Presley, Steve McQueen, Grace Kelly, all boosted their appeal when seen wearing the garments. More recently Taylor Swift, Chris Evans Sarah Jessica Parker, Patrick Dempsey, Robert Patterson, Kate Bosworth as well as Gwyneth Paltrow have continued to highlight this classic and organic product from the Irish shores.

We hope that you get in touch and we can help you locate your perfect Aran sweater, accessory or woolen blanket to incorporate this classic Irish design into your home or outdoor space.

Kathleen & the team